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Bathroom and kitchen renovation in Pagewood

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation in Pagewood, free standing bath tub, white gloss wall tiles, grey floor tiles, silver tap ware, chrome tap ware, bathroom renovation
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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation in Pagewood

An insight to our bathroom and kitchen renovation in Pagewood from the first initial contact to completion. We first got into contact with the client and arranged an onsite quotation, Noor went out to the clients investment property in Pagewood where he discussed the client’s needs, visions and unique style for their investment property.



Bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation.

Challenges faced

Waterproofing damage to the bathroom. This project took longer than anticipated due to needing more time to allow the flooring and walls to dry due to the apartment above having waterproofing damage, which also caused water leaking to the apartment we were working on. The Dr Renovations team had to do a temporary fix to ensure that the water leakage from the apartment above would not have a further affect on our project until they were able to resolve the issue.

Time frame

The Dr Renovations team were able to complete the Pagewood bathroom and kitchen renovation project in just 3 and a half weeks.

Pagewood is a charming suburb located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Pagewood offers a convenient and accessible location for residents. The suburb is known for it’s family-friendly atmosphere, leafy streets, and a mix of housing options, including houses and apartments. Pagewood is bordered by major roads such as Bunnerong Road and Wentworth Avenue, providing easy access to nearby amenities and the Sydney airport. Residents enjoy access to several parks and recreational areas, making it an ideal place for those who appreciate a blend of suburban living and urban conveniences.

Completing this bathroom and kitchen renovation in Pagewood was a fulfilling experience for the team at Dr Renovations, it also gave our client the opportunity to create a comfortable and modern living space in a family-friendly suburb for their investment property. With a focus on preserving the neighborhood character, minimizing green spaces, and engaging positively with the community. Renovating in Pagewood can contribute to a fulfilling and enjoyable living experience in this delightful part of Sydney.

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