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An insight to our renovation project in Botany from our first initial contact to completion. We first got into contact with the client and arranged an onsite quotation, Noor went out to the clients home in Botany where he discussed the client’s needs, visions and unique style for the renovation.


- Kristine R

Bathroom renovation, ensuite renovation, toilet renovation, custom timber shelving, kitchen splash back, and turned a congested space into an open living space.

Challenges faced

Damaged structural timber in both the main bathroom and ensuite, and the flooring not complying with Australian guidelines and standards.

Time frame

The Dr Renovations team were able to complete the Botany renovation project in just 6 weeks.

Botany is a vibrant suburb situated in south-eastern Sydney, Botany is historically known for it’s industrial activities and has experienced significant urban development and transformation over the years. Today it offers a mix of residential properties, ranging from older houses to modern apartments. Botany boasts of various parks, shopping centers, and nearby beaches, providing residents with a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle. 

Completing this renovation in Botany was an exciting opportunity for the Dr Renovations team as we were not only able to improve our clients home to their specific needs, lifestyle and style but it also allowed our client to enhance their living space while potentially benefiting from the suburbs continued development and increased property value.